100 MIllion V8’s

General Motors will build its 100-millionth small-block engine on Nov 29, a milestone for the company. It is headed for GM’s historic museum.Introduced in 1955, remember the tri colored 555 Chevy with the continental kit on the rear, it has been used to power everything from passenger cars, boats and industrial machines. Currently Chevy, Cadillac and GMC use it in the United States while Vauxhall and Holden use it overseas.Chief engineer Ed Cole transferred from Cadillac to Chevrolet, and started to save the design, deceasing weight and adding power. It was a way build engines that took advantage of current production techniques.I wonder how many 3.8 GM has built, I am sure it will, if it hasn’t already hit a milestone. It doesn’t have the industrial applications like the V8 however an Ii don’t think it is used overseas.Speaking of engines it looks like the Eco-Boost by Ford is not working out like planned as it has numerous complains of low power. These have mostly been towing problems. When will the engineers learn power or mileage you can’t have both.