Charged Engine Service

With the introduction of V-6 engines that are either super or turbo charged, a word of advice on oil change procedures. Most charged engines use engine oil to lubricate the moving assemblies. These move at a very high RPM and need constant lubrication and if certain precautions are not taken when the oil is drained you will cause problems. The most critical of these procedures is to fill the filter with oil before it is installed this prevents oil starvation on start-up while the filter fills with oil, true this is a very short period but it is enough to damage a device with the high RPM of a super charger. When I did my own servicing I always filled the filter before installation, no reason just seemed like the proper thing to do. A quality filter is also important as the charger, more a super then a turbo can be damaged by minute particles not removed by a cheaper filter. Brand and type of oil is also important, stick to the type of oil that the owner’s manual calls for and if possible use a quality synthetic. Contrary to popular belief there is a difference in synthetic oils they are not all manufactured the same. Most formulas are a highly guarded secret so it is hard to say which is which. Mobil one is in its own world as to how it is manufactured, it has been rumored for years they use ethanol. Any quality brand will suffice. A synthetic blend will not work in place of synthetic. True synthetic such as Amzoil the jury is still out on. If your charger is not lubricated by engine oil follow the recommended service to the letter, checking the oil level in some is a pain but it must be done. Asked the service writer where I get my oil change and he showed me a check list they go through when servicing the new Eco-Boost engine, it is a Ford dealership, they of course recommend only Ford synthetic and I am sure GM is doing the same for their new oil.