Cheap Fuels

All the gas comes out of the same pipeline so why should I spend more for a name brand? True it all comes out of the same pipe but what happens to when it goes into the tanker is where the difference lies.Unbranded gas has very little additives added if any in some cases. Whereas the name brand fuels add a mixture of their own and this is where the difference is. Cetane is the main additive and it is what allows gas to explode in all temperatures. Heavy cetanes in hot weather and light in cold. When you hear that the switch is being made from winter to summer gas this is the biggest change. Cetanes are added at the refinery and are basically the same in all fuels however some brands add a type of cetane at the pipeline, this is for a chemist to explain and I will not even try to get into it here. Many other additives are also added cleaning, antiknock, octane booster and a lead substitute. Amoco Silver was the fuel with the highest additive count when they were still in business and I used this exclusively for years. Now I use Cenex I don’t know what they add but I have had no problems and it is close to my house. Name brands are become hard to find. There are several discounts being offered at some stations, so much off a gallon with grocery purchases. I have tried these and had no adverse effects, but I still shy away from a high percentage of ethanol which is all they offer. I don’t know if ethanol causes problems or not but I do know and have seen evidence of it holding water in suspension and causing fuel system problems.Don’t bother with a higher octane then your vehicle calls for, it is a waste of money. As are over the counter additives, there are 2 that may help some and they are Seafoam and any cleaner with Techron. They are meant to be used as a maintenance item but will help if the case is not to severe. In most cases save your money and get it repaired properly. There are several suppliers that are paying a fine daily for not releasing what they add to their gas, I don’t understand this and I have no idea what they are hiding but it cannot be good.